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Wissie Cakes

Old fashioned bakery items 
Attention:  Some web browsers may not be able to access the Checkout page.  Please either switch to another browser to place your order, email us at, or call us at 757-498-7970.  Also, please note that you must uncheck the "billing address same as shipping address" box to enter your address, otherwise the person you are shipping to may get any questions we have concerning your order.  Thanks.

Our production has been limited due to recent events. 
We currently are at capacity with orders already recieved, so that we cannot accept additional orders at this time.  Please check back to see what we have available later. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

  Come see us in the spring!

We regret that Sugarloaf Craft Festivals have ceased operation due to the fallout from the CoronaVirus shutdowns.
The Quota Club Christmas Show in Salisbury, Maryland has also been canceled, at least for this year.
Bizarre Bazaar has notified us they will be cancelling their Christmas Show this year,and the Virginia Beach Christmas Market has also been cancelled.
Because of this and the continuing CoronaVius situation, we have elected not to participate in the other shows this fall.
You may still order here for your Wissie Cake wish fulfillment, and please do so sooner rather than later to help us manage our limited production capacity.  Remember, all Wissie products can be frozen and re-frozen with no loss of quality, so you may plan ahead.
We hope to see you next year, and we are looking for new shows for the fall. 

In the meantime, we are still baking!
We're keeping the kitchen clean and shipping every day.
Order your cakes here and we will ship them to you by UPS 

Please be aware that we may not have all products available at this time as many supplies are hard to find due to COVID19.  That may also cause a delay in shipping them out.   If the delay is more than a day or two, we'll notify you.  Thanks for your patience.

For our schedule of shows near you, click on